Moving, Baby, then Moving Again

Oh boy! So much has happened since I took a hiatus from blogging. The only way I’m going to be able to cover it all is if I just number them. I’ll go into detail about everything in a later post.

  1. This gets a #1 position because in my option it’s the best news. We are expecting another boy! I’m 35 weeks along, which means pretty soon this baby could make his appearance. I’m totally ok with him coming a little early as long as he is healthy, my belly would appreciate it as well. His name is Rowen James Irby and if he goes full term he is going to be HUGE! 8+ pounds! We had some scares along the way with this pregnancy but I’ll go into that in a later post.
  2. We moved from Arkansas to Michigan around May, lived there for 2 months, then relocated to Illinois where hopefully we’ll stay here for a couple of years. Jack has been a trooper with all this moving around. He’s very adapt at the nomad lifestyle. (Me, not so much which this whole pregnancy thing.
  3. It’s Fall finally!! (not really news but I am just so excited about this I thought it needed it’s own number)

I think that’s about it as far as news goes. I’ll have a lot more posts coming up soon with having a new baby and all. So keep checking back! Here are some pictures…

1546224_10155821006980118_8865440510375062980_nMr. Rowen James Irby

11870827_10153127401906973_3093768884829688948_nHanging out with cousins

11953008_10156081679915118_8348491489649684318_nJack’s 2nd Birthday. He never does well with the Happy Birthday song.

12004047_10203880589329098_4369739276261957220_nMore cousins.


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