39 weeks, waiting on baby’s appearance. I finally have started to “nest” a little. Meaning I cleaned my kitchen after the dishes piled up so much that we couldn’t use the sink. But that kick started the whole process and now I’m on a role. One room at a time getting everything cleaned over and ready for 4 people to be living here.


(Right: Jack at 39. Left: Rowen at 39 weeks)

For a couple of weeks, Jack and I have been going to story hour at the local library. Today one of the ladies brought in this huge lizard to go along with the story we were reading about the desert. Jack was amazed! He kept saying, “Dinosaur! Dinosaur!” and would just laugh and point at it. Then after the story they do crafts. Most children go home afterwards but Jack and I like to stick around and play with the puzzles and legos they have in the children’s section. One thing I love about this library is they will put categories of books together, so each week Jack and I will check a group of them out. Last week we checked out books about “Trains”. Today the group was “ABC’s”. We also picked up the classic “Casey at the Bat”.

IMG_6423       IMG_6422


Here are a few more photos from this week.


(Brad cooking some delicious pork chops)

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset


You know those evenings. When your child won’t quit crying and throwing tantrums. Over a popsicle. And you try everything, positive and disciplinary, to get your child to stop. And then one word ends all the madness. One word makes the world a better place. One word to bring a smile to your child’s face and make mom heave a sigh of relief. BATH. And boy does this little one love his bath time.

That was our evening tonight. (I managed to sneak in a pregnancy picture while little one was enjoying his favorite activity)


38 weeks