Sisters Post

Hey there! A little while ago I got with two of my sisters who blog and we decided to start doing a group blog once a month. We don’t officially have a name for these posts yet, so if any of you come up with a clever idea let me know. 

This month was to write about three favorite childhood books. The first two were easy. 

1) Fern Hollow books. And more specifically, The Seasons of Fern Hollow. The illustrations in this series is amazing! Half the time when I was little I would just sit and stare at the pictures.  

2) Redwall Series. When I got a little older, my cousin introduced this series to me. Every book is amazing. Again it has animals as the main characters….I’m starting to see a pattern here.  

3) This one took me a little while to think of, but I remember constantly rereading
Pilgrims Progress when I was younger. Such a great story.  


Go on ahead and check out my sister’s posts.

Rebekah: Let Me Clarify This
Leah: Just Moseyen’ Along


One thought on “Sisters Post

  1. Leah March 3, 2016 / 3:54 pm

    You beat me to Fern Hollow.


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