Getting your Kids to try New Foods!

I’ve been lucky enough to have a child who will eat almost anything I put in front of him. But that being said I know at some point his picky side will kick in and I will have to get creative with his food. So I’ve put this post together for you (and for me as well) to show some ideas of how to get your children to try new foods.

1) Start Early. It helps when as soon as a food is okayed for your child to eat within their first year, put it in front of them, even if you dislike it yourself. I can’t stand cucumber, but as soon as Jack could eat it, I put some in front of him and he gobbled it up.

2) Distraction. Some children eat better when they don’t pay too much attention to what they are eating. Try reading to them, or singing, maybe playing a little game. I would try and avoid having them watch TV while they eat, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do when you’ve had zero sleep the night before.

3) Variety. Give them a variety of choices. For a snack sometimes I’ll give Jack some sliced grape tomatoes, squash, and maybe some sliced grapes.

4) Add ons. If your child isn’t wanting to eat the chicken you cooked, try dipping it in a little sour cream (yum). Having trouble eating celery? Use the classic peanut butter technique. Trouble with fruit? Cream cheese! But try and use your add ons in moderation. You down’t want to completely cover the flavor of the food you are trying to get them to like. And I would suggest trying to avoid any condiments on food such as ketchup, ect.

5) Colors and Shapes. The colors of the rainbow are at your disposal, so use them! ORANGE carrots, RED strawberries, GREEN beans, BLUEberries, YELLOW squash…I could go on. When their food is colorful, kids seemed to be more engaged in eating what’s in front of them. You can also buy small cookies cutters here in shapes, letters, and animals. This just adds an extra fun element. (And call also become good practice in learning their shapes and letters).

6) Joining In. This one is for when your kids are a little older. Let them join in on preparing the food. Pampered Chef makes a great kids knife they can use to help slice up fruit and such *under your carful supervision*.